Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Tuesday Twitter -- Dispatches

If you've been trying to stay up to date on the war in Ukraine while not having to scroll past endless articles on Queen Elizabeth, Josh Marshall is here to help.

In any case, I would recommend to you again two Twitter lists I’ve curated with experts from whom we can learn more. This one is about the Ukraine war generally and this focuses more narrowly on the military dimensions of the conflict

Lots of smart, informed conversations and useful links like this excellent overview of the recent counter-offensive.

Remember Ted Cruz insisting our military was too "woke" to be effective fighters?

One of the recurring themes is just how bad a rout this was.

Part of the speed of the collapse might be explained by this.

With notable exceptions, the reaction of Russia and its allies has been anger, bluster, blame,,,

And denial.


 And to make the cold war vibe complete, we even have SMERSH (3:34).

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