Friday, September 9, 2022

We're going to skip the crown entirely...

If you're feeling warm and sentimental about the end of the reign Queen Elizabeth II, you'll probably enjoy this clip...

If, on the other hand, you were already tired of the German British royal family and the thought of wall-to-wall coronation coverage make you feel slightly sick to your stomach, you'll probably want to go with this incredibly mean spirited roman à clef. This is the second chapter of the original (and far superior) House of Cards trilogy, but it works OK as a stand alone. Fans of Diana will want to give it a pass. 


  1. This note belongs elsewhere (sorry) but I don't have your email, so here it is.

    You've probably seen it already, but the 26 August 2022 issue of Science has a review of "California Burning", which will resonate more with you all than with this improper Bostonian, who found it (the review) a good read anyway.

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