Friday, November 18, 2022

"If this is the last thing everyone sees on Twitter then I can absolutely live with that…"

Twitter (in perhaps the most Twitter thing ever) may be giving its own eulogy. The big topic on the platform tonight is whether it will be there in the morning. Things are speeding up. A couple of days ago. people were debating whether it would last a year; now the discussion is over whether it will last the weekend.

Like Rasputin, Twitter has recently suffered numerous seemingly mortal blows but the proximate cause was the wave of resignations. You probably recall Musk firing half the company, including quite a few people who turned out to be mission critical. He then fired anyone who criticized him either publicly or internally. 

Between the insult and the injury (both to them and to the company they'd built), pretty much everyone who actually made Twitter run by this point hated their new boss. This was the moment Elon chose to play the tough guy, telling his employees they'd have to put in insane hours with no remote work. Then things got ugly.

Personally, I expect the company will limp on for a while, but between the crippling debt and the loss of ad revenue, it's a dead man walking (if the poison doesn't get you the bullets will).

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