Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Long deferred Tuesday Tweets (trust me, you need to check out the gorilla clip)

This, my friends, is a soundbite.

More data points on the money question...

Based on events and current trends, I guessing that between Biden/Harris, various downticket races, and campaigning for ballot initiatives, Democrats and alligned groups will spend between fifty and one hundred million dollars depicting Republicans as dangerous extremists on abortion, IVF, and birth control.


What women want...

"We'll talk about that during the election." ... I'm certain he can't wait.

Half of Republicans are trying to moonwalk back from this issue. The other half are doubling down.

Because there's no way that could backfire and make abortion even more of an issue in strongly pro-choice Arizona.

While on the subject of issues that are difficult to back away from.

Republicans, masters of message discipline.

Dept. of unintentionally(?) unfortunate acronyms.

Fortunately, GOP candidates in non-swing states can count on Trump's well-known sense of fairness when resources are being allocated.

... and on the Republicans' traditional advantage in party discipline and cohesion.

Remind me to do a post on the importance of vetting your candidates.

In a country with over 160 million registered voters, "tens of millions of men" is not quite the insurmountable obstacle he seems to think it is.

Let's check in with the plutocrats.

While the few remaining grown-ups in the GOP are getting really annoyed.

While this is a "sorcerer's apprentice complains about flooding" moment, I am still surprised to find myself nodding approvingly to a Karl Rove statement.

This remains an age of strange bedfellows.

My longstanding theory has always been that disinformation works best at a distance, where the narrative can't be contradicted by first hand experience.

You know you're a nerd when you work out the proof that the answer has to be 9 before you bother to look at the list.

And yet one of Elon's favorites.

One quick AI thread.


And what you've all been waiting for... miscellanea.

Make sure to catch the chest-thump near the end.

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