Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Abortion and IVF -- more data points

 Last Friday's post was running long so I decided to put the reproductive rights tweets in a post of their own.

Lots of political analysts argued in the wake of Dobbs that this issue wouldn't be that big of a deal. One of the many mistakes they made was assuming that support for abortion was a fixed quantity.

Plenty of tweets about the Comstock Act recently.

Hiltzik walks us through the history of Comstock and it's every bit as embarrassing as you'd expect.

Anti-obscenity crusader Anthony Comstock, lampooned in a 1915 periodical. The caption read: “Your Honor, this woman gave birth to a naked child.”


Of course, it wouoldn't be a tweet post without a weasily framing from the NYT.

Democratic candidates however, are feeling no need to play nice.


Democrats from Biden/Harris down to statehouse races are running hard on this issue, particularly since Alabama's recent IVF ruling. 

Speaking of which...


Given the way fundraising has been going, Democrats are on track to spend an extraordinary amount of money tying Republicans to national bans on abortion and IVF.


A functional political party, seeing it was being dragged down by positions this toxic would back  away, push moderate candidates, and generally try to avoid scaring voters (which has become a concern for the GOP), but that's no longer an option under MAGA

(Here's the link.)

A functional party would avoid nominating guys like this.

And then there's Florida.

Just to be clear, this doesn't mean that any statewide office is seriously in play unless something much bigger happens, but there are a lot of races in Florida and a few flipped seats of its 28 representatives could easily decide control of the House.

And as Ornstein points out, the question of resources might even be more important. Republicans have a huge disadvantage when it comes to money which is already showing up in swing state party organizations and GOTV operations. Now it looks like the GOP needs find some money places like Florida and Alabama.

Though we've never been in the prediction business, I could be persuaded to put my money on the "Dobbs will be a big deal" side of the bet,


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