Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tuesday tweets -- politics, math, fun with creepy chickens

To Russia with Love...

We start out with, I kid you not, a MAGA letter of apology to Moscow.

I originally was 80% to 90% certain that Eagleman was a parody account like Three Year Letterman, but I checked and -- God help us -- this is real.

I've heard that China was lobbying hard for aid to... [checks notes]... Taiwan

If you traveled back in time and told me Michael Steele would become a political voice of reason, I'd say "you have a time machine?!?!?"

In case you were wondering, there really are people on the far right who make Alex Jones look like the sane one.

The Republican Senate candidate from Arizona continues to spin like a weather vane in a tornado on the biggest issue of the campaign.

As we've been saying for about two years now, keep an eye on the secondary and tertiary impact of Dobbs (like preventing women from getting prompt and appropriate treatment for miscarriages).

In case you were wondering if the Republican establishment was planning on backing away from reproductive issues until after the election.

Republicans also continue staking out other notable positions on health care.


Every candidate's supporters will tell themselves the occasional lie, but this is like Democrats in '38 telling themselves what a great mountain climber FDR is.

I try not to rely too much on these crazies in the crowd. It's too easy to cherry pick to make the other side look bad, but you'll notice it's RSBN doing the cherry picking.

Dems in disarray...

Remember when we said the money story went from Biden/Harris all the way down to the state house races?


Lots of Republicans seem to be getting nervous.



 "I got past the guard rails."
"Did you hack the system?"
"No, I just used auto-complete."

Fun with chickens.

All kidding aside, this self-described Alabama redneck is an engineer with one of the smartest and most thoughtful science channels on YouTube.

When just the name of the jpeg is enough.

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