Thursday, March 16, 2023

Thursday Tweets -- "Residents hope the next sister city comes with a Google search"

Political analysts have been making the same mistake with DeSantis they did with Walker, assuming that the air of inevitability shown in the safe and protected phase of the campaign will hold up when the bullets start to fly. As we've been pointing out since at least August, DeSantis is a weak politician. The unprecedented build up he's gotten from the conservative (and often the mainstream) press failed to hide just how devoid of charisma and personality he is.  His likeliest path to the nomination was to stake out a position to the right of Trump (particularly with the anti-vaxxers), then hope that disease, death, or imprisonment would take out his rival, leaving him to fill the vacuum with his personal void.

Now that the battle is heating up, you can see the oracles start backing away from the next-big-thing narrative, perhaps thinking of how earlier predictions turned out.


Quick side note, Tom Bonier has become the political numbers guy to watch.

And, of course, Chait is always worth listening to.

 From a policy standpoint, DeSantis was to the right of Trump on every issue except Ukraine. We knew that wasn't going to last.


Putin's unpopularity makes his hold on Fox et al. all the more remarkable.

Of course, there are still those in establishment warrens like the Brookings Institution trying to paint DeSantis as a normal politician, but they aren't getting much traction.
There is no real place for normal in today's GOP.


Excellent points from Grossman and Sewer.


 The irony of Bannon playing the Hitler card


Forget all that stuff we said about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the WSJ has the real scoop.

I also learned BLM = HBCUs
Wokeness is so much better an explanation than incompetence and bad business practices.

Since the WSJ has explained everything, I guess we can skip this article from Linette Lopez.

From crypto to AI

My favored measure is avoiding nature/nurture debates, but this is good too.

And we'll close out the topic with Dean Baker

 Great thread on military technology from our favorite historical blogger.


Cool legal thread (I had no ideas the statute of limitations worked that way).


Those cute toddler videos just got a little more depressing.

Any Ag nerds in the audience?

The GOP and Social Security

Also the party of local control and parents' rights

Not often that we praise the Cato Institute.

About a year ago, Josh Marshall set up a couple of lists on the war in Ukraine. They were enormously useful, providing timely and insightful news and commentary from trustworthy sources. Based on that track record, this should definitely be worth your time.

A classic example of foregrounf/background staging of comedy.

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  1. "Trump has filed an ethics complaint against Desantis for trying to run a shadow campaign for president without declaring to subvert campaign finance laws." The sheer irony of this headline makes me want to implode.