Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tuesday Tweets

As previously mentioned, Ohio is a pro-choice state/

I've felt for a long time that commenters and possibly political scientists have underestimated the role that resentment and the need for attention ("I owned the libs") plays in the 21st Century right.


Looks like someone may have picked the wrong time to try to buy the LA mayor's office.

I can think of at least three Republicans running for congress who have made pro-Nazi comments.

Voices carry...

Follow the links on this one.

The laugh barrier.

In a functional democracy, the Texas GOP would pay a much greater cost for the power grid than the Democrats would for inflation.

Greene, Gaetz, and Putin

You should follow Taber.


I hate to bring everyone down by talking about actual, substantial solutions.

Radio Shack? Is this part of some Stranger Things 80s PR campaign?

If I were running the DNC, I'd be flogging the hell out of this.

I have nothing to add.


Does explain a lot.

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