Thursday, July 21, 2022

Thursday Tweets

At least here in California, this is what the NIMBY/YIMBY fight actually look like, with valid arguments on both sides.

I should probably talk more about this Monkey Cage piece.


If the food poisoning, cultural appropriation, overpriced menu, and annoying brand hadn't already done it, this would keep me away from the chain.

"First as tragedy, then as farce."

That guy

Checking in with the Paypal Mafia.

Musk's hard right pivot did score him a lot of kind words from Rupert's publications.

Do they covet the blood of the young, because that's Thiel's thing.

Conventional pundit wisdom was that Trump's statements about defending Social Security and Medicare had inoculated the GOP against that line of attack. Pundits can be idiots.

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