Thursday, May 2, 2024

Thursday Tweets -- "Where's Cricket?"

We'll start with a few for the cheap seats.

Anyone else old enough to remember this one?

And my personal favorite.

What's more important about this story (and let's be honest with ourselves, perhaps more entertaining) is the way it illuminates the intra-party hatred in the GOP.

That last one joins a number of other right-wing figures who seem to be getting nervous about the election.


Bit of irony given the source here.


More Dems in relative array tweets...

Which brings us back to Arizona and finding a nontoxic message on abortion.

But not just abortion.

I moved the Gaza tweets to another post, but this one is really more about the MAGA mindset.

Not actually breaking, but worth repeating.

The conservative movement did a chilling job co-opting evangelicals, but there are a few principled hold-outs.

New official beverage of the RFK jr. campaign.

Remember when we warned you about Musk?

And the other population collapse tech-bros?

Enough of that. Let's talk about some more interesting things for a while.

This got me to thinking about films where virtually the entire cast was nominated for an Oscar, particularly Sleuth (though Alec Cawthorne was totally screwed by the nominating committee).

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