Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thursday Tweets -- If your verdict isn't delivered in thirty minutes or less...

I don't know what the impact of RFK jr is going to be in November (nobody knows) but for someone funded in large part by Trump supporters as a stalking horse, he's certainly spending a lot of time playing to the right.

Been a long time since I've seen a good Martha Mitchell reference.

Remember, don't blame the reporters for the headlines, blame the editors. (Guess which editors we're talking about this time.)

Even my considerable reserves of snark wouldn't be up to this.

I taught math/English at the high school and junior high level and math/statistics at the college level. If my students didn't know basic facts, I considered my responsibility. How much responsibility does the press have for the what the public doesn't know?

What the fck happened to Felix Salmon? He used to be so good.
The press locked into a doom narrative and it proved comically wrong but rather than admit it, they're changing the meanings of the words. Anything to keep the vibecession going.


We should have kept up better with the education reform story. Lots to talk about.

And while on the subject of ed reform, how about a Goodhart callback?

Between quotes on abortion and clips like this, the Democrats might want to outsource all of their ads to Republicans this year.

Also useful for those "I can't vote for Biden" leftists.

We've talking about ratcheting of the right for years. Good to know we're on the same page.


Let's see how things are going back in Arkansas.

I've been following the Huckabees for around thirty years and I can tell you, they're soulless, every damned one of them. 

And check in with my birth state.

This one connects to at least a couple of threads I've been meaning to do about the meangirling of Harris, the growing realization on the sensible left that this was a big mistake, and the general sharpening of the mind we're seeing in a lot of quarters.

Polling news

AI -- As long as there are tech bros, we'll all have a reason to drink.


Great thread for the ag and forestry nerds in the audience.

This is a pretty one.

 What's the point of having a micro-blogging platform if you can't have clips of puppies attacking door stops?

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