Friday, May 10, 2024

Deferred Thursday Tweets -- Not sure if presidential brain worms are the weirdest news of the week. Welcome to 2024.

Why would anyone bother doing a deepfake of RFK jr. What can you come up with that will top the real thing?

The possibility that RFK Jr might end up taking more votes from Trump than from Biden has been gaining traction. I'm not going to comment on that except to say it has apparently gotten under someone's skin.

Lots to unpack here with multiple layers of irony.

You could argue that Operation Warp Speed is the greatest accomplishment of the Trump presidency. The fact that his base won't let him brag about it remains arguably the most striking example of what we've been calling feral disinformation.

Now Trump is actually trying to position himself as the most anti-vax candidate despite the fact that, though the issue is passionately held by a substantial segment of the MAGA base, it polls terribly with the general public, not to mention being evil.

Other election news...

For a while, you couldn't pick up a copy of the New York Times quoting some random self-identified Democrat talking about how worried they were about Biden. Now we're hearing similar stories about Trump, but they aren't coming from the NYT.


If I were Alex Jones and had the gift of prophecy, I probably would have have known that lying about Sandy Hook would work out badly for me.

The "where Trump failed to bring that to fruition" kinda undercuts the attempted anti-Biden spin.

We'll be talking more about this in a future post.


Probably not what Nixon had in mind when he said to run to the center in the general.

In Scott's defense, people in Florida do have reason to be upset about inflation.

Another thing the new iPad can't do.


Noem reminds me of this great Mitchell and Webb sketch.

Elsewhere in actual dictator news.


Great moments in marketing.

I love these "(but we're not a cult)" asides from Altman and Andreessen. After telling us how their proposals will solve all of our problems and create a utopia, they realize how they sound and assure us they aren't utopians promising to solve all of our problems.

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