Thursday, August 31, 2023

Thursday Tweets -- "Anna hurt Anna-self"

Now that you mention it, yes it does...

Rule 1. Don't use campaign funds to pay a porn star to sleep with you.

Rule 2. If you do use campaign funds to pay a porn star to sleep with you, don't pick one who's really good at Twitter.



What could go wrong?

This is a fun clip.

First. the "Try That in a Small Town" guy turns out to be from a city five or six times the size of the not so small town I grew up in. ("They got a goddamn Target. Shit, might as well be Paris.") Then we find out the "Rich Men North of Richmond" singer/songwriter doesn't especially like rich Republicans. 

Check out the community notes.

I seem to recall hearing about this somewhere before.

"The more insidious thing is the idea that it's not a story until the Times does it. Not everyone thinks this but from my vantage that still emanates from higher-ups at this place."

From Vice

One of these days, when I'm liquored up enough to start a fight with someone who knows waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I do, I'm going to see if I can start a conversation with Bob Carpenter about why this old high school math teacher remains a large language model skeptic.

And on the fringe...

And misc.


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