Friday, August 25, 2023

Tweets -- "Shut up and go mow your mom"

Possibly the most important news of the week (so you probably haven't heard much about it).

I'd like to believe this study. On some level, I'm sure that if you could get people off of an immersive diet of disinformation and toxic propaganda and replace it with actual news, they would start to have a more accurate (and healthier) worldview, but this feels like a classic minor intervention/major effect experiment.


Possibly my favorite indictment tweet.

This goes great with Ramaswamy's plan to raise the voting age.

 Weren't we just talking about projection?

This is painful to watch. Recently the right seems to have a "wandered off the streets" problem. People who normally couldn't get past the gatekeepers are getting on camera, on staff, even elected to office.

The Nazi stuff doesn't help.


This has all sorts of interesting implications.



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