Thursday, May 25, 2023

What could possibly go wrong? ...[click] go wrong? ...[click] go wrong? ...[click] (another Thursday Tweet highjacked by last minute events)

One of the main strengths of Twitter is its ability to capture the reactions to an event in real time, before the dust has had a chance to settle. These impressions can be rough and inchoate, and they often age quite badly, but they are an important part of a story and can be a useful corrective against self-serving revisionism and tricks of memory.

Here are two accounts published shortly after the event in question.


The rest of these tweets are reactions posted while the event was taking place, mostly from the small group of people I follow.


Megan McArdle often fares badly when people go back and review the tape.

Of course, this sort of thing is basically slow pitch for NYT pitchbot.

Eventually, things did start running a bit smoother.

Of course, being able to get his message out was a bit of a mixed blessing for the candidate.

And the winning tweet goes to the White House, for this understated bit of shade casting.

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