Friday, May 19, 2023

Deferred Thursday Tweets -- prominent journalists bravely steps forward to say their boss is right

Some of Cooper's colleagues aren't following the company line.

And getting back to the NYT.

Checking in with the GOP.

 As Josh Marshall pointed out, the grand old party just had another bad Tuesday.


When you hear predictions that Trump is about to be forced out, remember that a substantial segment of the Republican base feel like this.

An alternate reading of the Gospel of Luke.

In a sense, it's useful to have all of the so far left they're far right crowd on one platform.

The sad part is I think Allen does understand, but his need to show he can criticize both sides drives him to misinform his readers.

So God will know exactly where to drop the meteor.

"Ask" is a bit anthropomorphic, but still a cool clip.

God bless the good ol' boys...

"Those Williams boys, they still mean a lot to me..."

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