Friday, May 26, 2023

Deferred Thursday Tweets -- "both metaphorically *and* literally a dumpster fire."

Deep in the heart of Texas


I actually live a few blocks from Warner's Studios.

I'm sure the striking writers won't use this as an excuse for mockery.

Rampell is one of the journalists you should be listening to

Ironically, calling this a hostage situation is the one point AOC and Matt Gaetz agree on.

Layers of wrong

An interesting alternate take.

Abortion notes: the six-weeks ban is becoming the new red state standard, and anecdotally but unsurprisingly, that appears to be widening the gender gap.

Also in gender gap news.

Actually, I'm surprised the Protocols haven't been coming up more often.

Check out the text at the fifteen second mark.

Remember this quote when you get to the penultimate tweet.

Nate Silver probably reveals more than what he intends here, and he's speaking for a large segment of the pundit class. Most of the non-backsliding NeverTrumpers objected less to the man's character and more to his attacks on democracy, rhetoric of hate, and nascent fascism. By that standard, the only candidate they shouldn't treat with disdain is Asa Hutchinson, and it would take at least two black swans for him to get the nomination.

Though indictment can certainly qualify as black swan

Indoctrination by globes.

A homeless man...

And in closing.

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