Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Tuesday Tweets and another reminder that Republicans were counting on an election about Biden and inflation, not about Trump and abortion

Listing "inflation" and "cost of living" separately is a bit of a stretch, but at least it's better than "inflation and high gas prices."

(And given that we're talking about Michigan, I assume he's talking about the security of the Canadian border.)

I wonder if they left in Masters' opposition to a right to contraception.

 And in related news.

Of course, changing the subject is easier when everyone reads the memo.

Someone seems to be under a bit of stress.

And though you've been told different, this remains Trump's party.



Built around a cult of personality.

No matter how much parts of the mainstream press dislike talking about it.

Remember how David Brooks spent the early part of 2016 touting Rubio as the sane alternative to Trump?

God, this one breaks my heart.

"The kids ask me, 'Can I go get a book?' They're so excited, and I have to say no."

You know Biden's foreign policy is going well when OAN switches from "this would never have happened if Trump were in power" to "this is only happening because Russia and China are afraid of Trump coming back to power"

I did not expect her to work NIMBYs into this one.

Before I could get around to making fun of Neumann's follow-up to WeWork, it collapses and he gets another $350 million for the next fiasco,

Though Utah is still a fairly safe seat, the fall-out from Jauary 6th continues to reverberate.

From the feral disinformation files.

This is what an actual never-Trumper looks like.

Sure it sounds bad, but...
...that's just Trump being Trump. Surely no respectable Republican would say something like...

One case where Russia's media being untrustworthy is kinda reassuring.

The anti-anti-Trump left has now crossed the "Marjorie Taylor Greene is right" threshold.

The Overton window on nuclear power appears to be moving.

On the student debt debate.

Well, no one saw that coming.

And Misc.

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