Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Tuesday Tweets on Wednesday

[That's what happens in a four day week.]

Opening with some cyber-silliness

Feral disinformation respects no borders.

And another case study of insane humans...

And sane vampires.

Speaking of vampires, Vance is, of course, a protégé of Peter Thiel. 

And another for our cult of personality file.

The conservative movement's targeting of strategically valuable elections and offices is also relevant to another recent conversation.
Not to mention related tactics.

I've been too busy putting off other things, but I've been meaning to dig into the relationship between marketing psych and behavioral economics.

And finally the thread you never knew you always wanted (not to brag, but I guessed where they were going with the underwear).
I'd dedicate this to the memory of James Burke, but he's not dead yet. 

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