Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thursday Tweets

I've been meaning to do a post on the really terrible job the press (particularly in NYC) with rising sea levels and bigger storm surges. While you're waiting, try this exercise at home. Look up cities on the West, East and Gulf Coasts. Make a list of cities under 25' elevation. Add 15' to that if the region has been hit by a hurricane in the past twenty years. I'm betting you see a pattern.

"Interesting" but not unusual. You often hear successful conservatives who have gone through periods of financial hardship often cite their time on the dole as evidence of their status as self-made men.

Up till now with a handful of exceptions, the business model of the digital on-demand subscription services (Netflix, Spotify, and even SubStack) has been to cash in on fame and followings built in older, more open, and generally free media. If open media dies, will exclusive media have to change its model?

Ohio's legislature has the best writers.


  1. Mark:

    I'm not sure but my guess with the DeSantis article is not that the Times is trying to promote him or get him off the hook. Rather, I'm guessing that the reporting team are aware of a general online impression that DeSantis doesn't know what he's doing (search for example *Krugman DeSantis*), and they're kind of assuming the reader is starting from that point.

    1. Hard disagree on this for at least a couple of reasons. First Krugman really likes to go after standard narratives, often making him the most unrepresentative example of where the press is coming from.

      Second, the NYT piece is one of many. Hiltzik (another independent thinker) has a nice takedown of DeSantis as Covid hero stories from Politico, AP, CNN

      And we haven't even gotten into the DeSantis as rising star stories which have become a major journalistic subgenre in 2021. All these stories should start with the assumption of the governor's incompetence, but they virtually never do.