Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Tuesday Tweets

Not the greatest, but top five.

God help, I'm running out of sarcatic things to say about Silicon Valley.


Like a lot of people, I originally saw Elon Musk as a snake oil salesman, but one who had his heart in the right place. I've been revising this opinion.

As with reproductive rights, the GOP has been quietly undermining USPS for decades but has shied away from unpopular direct assaults. Things have changed.

Chait nails it.

"It's a wonder I can think at all"

Wages of Strauss.

Is there a sadder case of intellectual corruption than Dr. Carson?

Or as Krugman would put it, likely boaters

In 2020, when brain surgeons are punchlines; we turn to pop stars for thoughtful commentary.

"Inland hurricane" is another phrase I'd rather never hear again.


And on a more hopeful note.

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