Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Tuesday Tweets

We've seen a number of costly failures in the coverage of the pandemic, but the failure to convey the difference in risk between indoor and outdoor interactions has been one of the worst.
And while we're on the subject...

Our weekly reminder that the economy did better in places that didn't prioritize the economy over containing the virus.

This is as bad as it looks.

Good Krugman thread

Our neighbor to the east.

“If you don’t have an underlying health condition, it’s safe out there,” Gov. Doug Ducey told Arizonans in late May, hoping to stimulate the economy. Those words were also a death sentence for Dad, a healthy and exuberant 65-year-young man ...” https://t.co/7RCkM8LL9J

Fallows lays it out.

There is no way to reconcile Tesla's valuation with a competitive EV market, particularly in Europe, but somehow news like this never seems to hurt the stock.

Brutal Tesla thread

Wages of Strauss, again

There is something tiring about this kind of layered stupidity.

The dominance of the NYT is not good for journalism or democracy. (and yes, I'm an LA Times subscriber)

When a party internalizes the lies it's been  telling.

I've long harbored the suspicion that Marc Andreessen isn't actually that bright.


The bizarre logic of owning the libs.

I started to make a joke about this about this but decided it would gilding the lily.


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