Thursday, September 14, 2023

Tweets -- "Actual demonstration of his fitness is used to raise questions about his fitness."

When in doubt, read Michael Hiltzik.

How the media’s obsession with Biden’s age could help reelect Trump 

President Biden on Monday completed a five-day trip to the Far East that included a summit meeting in New Delhi with leaders of the G-20 conference of developed countries at which a major international infrastructure project for India was announced, followed by a one-day visit to Vietnam, where he solidified relations with that country as a bulwark against China.

You might not be aware of this burst of presidential energy if you’re a reader of the news website Axios. On Saturday, while Biden’s journey was in full swing, the site’s gloss on Biden’s activities was this:

“Joe Biden and Donald Trump are running dueling basement campaigns that make them look like they’re in the witness protection program.”

With a few exceptions (like Hiltzik and those listed below), when journalists latch onto a nice safe narrative, they will do whatever it takes to keep it going, including ignoring or distorting facts.


I have a lot of respect for Silver, but he does have a way of making an ass of himself.

Between Ukraine, NATO, South Korea/Japan, and Vietnam, I'm coming around to the opinion that Biden is the best foreign policy president in the past fifty years. (And, yes, if you want to leave a comment about Afghanistan, I'd be glad to respond.)

"You get paid to do it."

Eight years ago, the press picked endlessly at Hillary. Four years ago they did the same to Warren. Now it's Harris. 

I get the feeling that there's some common factor here, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

The Archive is one of the best things to come out of the age of the internet. Their lending library is a fantastic resource. I am never giving Hachette any more of my business. I recommend you do the same.

As we may have mentioned before, it's the secondary and the tertiary effects of Dobbs that you need to keep an eye on.

Sane Vampires.

Tech News

Based on the headline, this is not at all where I expected this story to go.

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