Thursday, September 7, 2023

Thursday Tweets on time for once

First, three stories we should be talking about more. The ongoing domestic terrorist attack on our infrastructure...
... and this ...


 and this...


Now on with the schadenfreude.


If you're a news junkie, you've probably already heard about this:

        Musk’s Epic, Antic Labor Day Weekend Against The Jews

But no account could match watching it unfold in real time.

 Of course, Musk's not just prejudiced against Jewish people.


Elsewhere in the empire.

And politics. Did anyone have Kavanaugh as leper with the most fingers in the GOP SCOTUS ethics pool?

I'd use stronger language, but, yeah.

All sorts of interesting dynamics in this campaign.


Nothing racist to see here.

I suspect DeSantis is smart enough to know the only smart thing he can do with respect to the general is avoid the topic of abortion, but if he wants to stay next in line, he has to keep ratcheting up.

RFK jr

Once again, Naomi Klein would like to remind you she's not that Naomi.

Some say it was caused by a bad poll fourteen months before the election. Some say it was Nate Silver throwing a tantrum because people were calmly discussing Biden's age. I've been watching the political press covering Democrats long enough to know it's just...

Panic Season




Excellent debunking by an expert with more relevant experience than Loeb. (Read the thread here.)


Here's the source.


A useful video for twitter replies.

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