Thursday, June 1, 2023

Thursday Tweets

I only watched the first season so it is possible Succession got much better later on. It is not, however, possible that it got good enough to justify the coverage the finale has been getting. Thank God for Pitchbot.

A few choice moments with today's GOP

The best part is when she misses the bags completely.

And you thought being fired by email was bad.

I prefer to think of it as the politics of catharsis, but it's basically the same concept.

Republicans are providing the opposition with plenty of ammo. Now if the Democrats will only use it.


For example.

The line between satire and...

A Mount Everest of false equivalence. Remarkable even for the New York Times.

The trouble isn't that this is what Heritage has become; the trouble is that too many journalists still think they're dealing with the old Heritage

Back in the USSR

[I feel like there ought to be a smooth segue from Russia to failed policies and food shortages...]

Checking in with Elon.

You know those stories where bigotry is overcome by a parents love of an LGBT child? This is not one of those stories.

Conversations in AI


The essay on The National Library of Thailand thought experiment is highly recommended.


And one more from Pitchbot.

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  1. Zero Hedge, huh? They did fake news before it was cool; see here: