Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Mid-week tweets

This undercuts our solution phobia thread, but credit where credit is due. Kristof has long been one of the few bright spots in the NYT opinion section,

The Ohio lottery is another example of solution-focused thinking. Moynihan is right. Turley is... Turley.

Silver is making an important point here. It's difficult to claim we're living in unprecedented times then to base your next argument on precedent.

You can find the full here (but it really doesn't help).

Good advice

And while we're on the subject.

From 2019.
If we start with the compound hypothesis that conservative movement propaganda and disinformation has driven a significant portion of the population (let's call it 20 to 40% just to have a ballpark) into a highly unpleasant state of stress and cognitive dissonance and that these people gravitate toward and reward anyone who relieves this emotional tension, either through message, affect, or language.
And sometimes they just drive into people.

Take a minute. It's worth it.

And to bring us full circle.

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