Thursday, February 21, 2019

Cryptocurrencies pay for themselves in schadenfreude alone

First there's this...

Then there's this.

Final word from Brad Delong.

The highly-estimable FT Alphaville has long had a series: This is nuts. When's the crash?. That is my reaction to learning that Hoover Institution senior fellows are now crypto...

It is not at all clear to me whether they are grifters or griftees here...

I had known about John Taylor, but had thought that was a strange one-off. And now Niall Ferguson. Is anybody even pretending to have a business model other than pup-and-dump?


  1. One thing I don't understand so well is the connection between cryptocurrency and political ideology. Bitcoin is popular among conservatives, seemingly more so than other money things like stock markets, Cadillacs, etc.

    1. Mainly seems to be a libertarian thing. Appeals to the same crowd as seasteading

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