Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Experiments in blogging -- A Statistician Walks into a Grocery Store

As mentioned before, there are a couple of food-related megathreads in the queue, one on living on SNAP and one on the drought. Between those and the various posts we’ve run over the years, that’s a pretty big word count, so I decided to try a pop-up blog.

One of the disadvantages of eclectic blogging is that your target audience has to have compatibly eclectic tastes. By pulling all of the posts on one broadly appealing subject, I might just attract some readers who are interested in food and agriculture but aren’t interested in epidemiology, pedagogy, math puzzles, space travel, marketing statistics, bad business models, silly economic theories, education policy, games, negligent journalists, ddulites, old television shows, fitness landscapes, driverless cars...

A Statistician Walks into a Grocery Store will mainly consist of posts that have appeared or will appear here, so regular readers don’t have to add another link to their blog lists unless they have enough of a special interest in the topic to seek out the pieces too trivial to cross-post...

(I have a really tasteless joke on this one, though some of you will see it coming.)

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