Thursday, February 15, 2024

Bothsides is an easy way to score points but ignore the main points

This is Joseph.

I am a bit puzzled at the recent discourse going into the next US presidential election. Here is Jon Stewart managing to create an equivalence narrative between Joe Biden and Donald Trump:

It is not that the Biden age issue isn't a point. I am getting older and it is sad to see my options and opportunities go away. I think, though, that the policy stakes are being really underplayed here and the focus is instead on the one issue that the two parties can both be criticized on.

Mark pointed this post out:

It's a little harsh but not completely unfair. 

Here is Josh Marshall:

The challenge of Bothsideism is that it makes you look wise and considered but at the cost of obscuring the issues. Ironically, the best line of attack here has been from Nikki Haley who has tried to portray both candidates as too old in the context of nominate her and not Trump. It probably isn't a terrible argument for a partisan Republican to make (highlighting her strengths) but the argument about age ignores many other contentious issues that the Trump presidency raises. 

I hope that we see better in the days to come. 

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