Monday, February 19, 2024

To Russia, with Love

As previously mentioned, the GOP has spent a couple of weeks being very nice to Vladimir Putin, between tossing Ukraine to the wolves, threatening NATO, and Tucker Carlson wrapping up his Russia, land of enchantment series.

Though it should be noted, this has created some surprising rifts within the party.


And sadly, this MAGA love has gone largely unrequited.

That's where we were last week. With a handful of exceptions, the party had very publicly gone all in on Russia, which made it a particularly bad time for Putin to shock the world with an especially evil act like...

Republicans (with the aforementioned handful of exceptions) have responded with one of the following:

1. Deafening silence

2. What murder?

3. Yeah, but what about Biden?

As noted by Bradley P. Moss "Navalny was poisoned on Trump’s watch, and imprisoned again on Trump’s watch."

On a related note,the horseshoe tip of the far left has weighed in.

And finally...

4. Good riddance to a woke Nazi

Noted Brexiter.

Murdoch favorite.

We'll close with this reminder of where the Republican Party used to be. .

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  1. This is a good post. I think it also illustrates the biggest problem of trying to make friends with a Realpolitick dictator -- no matter what you do they will still prioritize their interests over yours, even when it would be better for them to be considering the long run value of good relations.