Friday, January 5, 2024

Politics and Jobs

This is Joseph.

So I think that this line of thinking is misguided:

Why? Well, the first problem is that purity tests, in general, have a tendency to be abused. The question of whether one's political beliefs make one capable of doing a job, seem like something that goes wrong. Even in this exact context

Now, if there is an actual act that shows a physician is acting inappropriately with respect to patient care that is different. It can also be helpful to include a broad range of marginalized voices in the discussion of priorities -- this is why we have a universal voting franchise. But "Zionism" is a very nebulous term in this context and it is going to map to a specific heritage rather more than chance alone would. I will also point out that many people see the political beliefs of their opponents odious. You may say real lives are associated with the consequences of Zionism. But the same is true of abortion rights

A pluralistic society needs to have room for disagreement on politics, especially with international politics. I disagree with Russia's decisions in Ukraine, but would not think of it as a good idea to interrogate the beliefs of Russian-Americans. Even if some of them might have perspectives that are more positive towards this conflict than mine are. People do not automatically become liable for actions of groups that they just happen to be distantly related to, especially if they are not members of these polities. 

I think that this crosses an important line in trying to keep a diverse and dynamic society together. 

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