Thursday, April 27, 2023

Thursday Tweets -- Elmo and Sneetches

When we first started mocking the "great news for DeSantis" meme, we were taking a fairly controversial position. Then the winds started to shift and it turned into something of a victory lap, reminding people that we were here first. Now, though, everybody is jumping on the bandwagon, which means:

1. It's not much fun anymore.

2. Pundits are starting to move from prematurely declaring DeSantis the inevitable nominee to prematurely declaring his campaign doomed, which in black swan season is just asking for it.

So no more Ron for a while. Fortunately, we have plenty of Tucker and Elon to fill the gap.

Before we get to the reaction to the defenestration, take a minute to watch this clip and remind yourself of the level of crazy TC was feeding to his viewers.

Tuck was always quick to stand up for his country. That country happened to be Russia but the principle remains the same.

There is no one so despicable on the far right that you can't find a loon on the left to defend them.

Loads of charming details.

SCOTUS News (though not technically 'News')

As noted elsewhere on Twitter, who would have thought we'd have two SCOTUS justices mired in financial scandals and neither of them is named Kavanaugh.


More for the bad NYT framing file.

His family must be so proud.

Joe McCarthy -> RFK -> RFK jr. -> Roger Stone

Because Tennessee went so well for them.

Excellent thread, particularly about carriage fees.

At which point I'm contractually obliged to mention...


 To understand the dysfunction of the current anti-abortion movement, you have to remember that, while many of the members are motivated by deeply held beliefs about the nature of human life, probably more are driven by exposure to decades of horrifying disinformation.


Checking in on Elon.


Of all the burns delivered to Elon over the check mark fiasco -- and there have been many -- this may be the best of them all.

Elon being a deepfake would explain a lot.

The latest from ProPublica.

Back on the AI beat.

You come across the most unexpected conversations on Twitter.

I didn't read the article so I can't recommend it, but I love the clip.

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