Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Thursday Tweets -- a day early in case something happens to Twitter


"Berry had stated that she would be in favor of bringing the MSC back for early voting next year." Just in time for the 2023 midterms.

Gingrich. Trump. Walker.... Christ.

Remember when the mainstream press got the vapors when Joe said semi-fascist?

Last time it was "Crimes by Jews."

Hello to all the Tucker Carlson fans in the crowd.


I have a feeling there might be a lesson here.

Pastor Jones continues to stay in there slugging.


I, Robot


Not sure what to make of Mankiw and Krugman being on the same page.

Weak grasp of the metaphor.

Kudlow has one of the few perfect prognostication records.


RBG undid all of her considerable good works when she became convinced she was indispensable. The coverage from journalists like Totenberg was a big part of the problem.

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