Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Tuesday Tweets -- If you're in a hurry skip to the end. It's essential reading

This is what epidemiologists I know are sharing. The good news I get from this is that the problem can be solved. The bad news is that the way to solve it is by doing the exact opposite of everything we've been doing.

That graph deserves revisiting.


The Italian example is even more worrisome than the initial accounts suggest.

Some particularly idiotic comments by Elon Musk prompted this reminder that not all billionaires are created equal.

The always reliable Sarah Kliff.

" the exact opposite of everything we've been doing."

This is also a good time to observe that the economic costs of the South Korean approach will almost certainly be less than the cost of continuing to pursue our current course. As with climate change, paying now is cheaper than paying later.

And finally, this thread from an Italian ICU MD makes one of the most important points you'll read all week.

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