Friday, April 12, 2013

When I say my to-blog list is ever-growing...

Good ones from Dean Dad and Adam Kotsko.

Felix Salmon is one of those rare business journalists who actually understands business.

Ebert was an odd Paulette.

WSJ is waaaaay behind the LA Weekly. (and when you can't keep up with those guys you really need to think about a career change).

"Fox threatens to become cable channel amid Aereo dispute" -- lots to say on this one.

An interesting story (via The Story) about a reporter who visited the markers the census department uses to commemorate the spot of the population centroid. I wonder what the centroids of population subgroups (demographic, economic, political) look like and how they've shifted over the years.

Another case of economists seeing a paradox when the rest of us don't?

Climate change comes with bumpy rides.

And finally, the film Paul Krugman doesn't want you to see.

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