Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trying to wean myself off "hibernate"

I assume I'm not the only blogger with this bad habit: I'll come across something that's either worth sharing or worthy of comment or a good jumping-off point for a discussion, but I won't have the time (or perhaps the will) to write out the post right then so I leave the tab up and hibernate the computer rather than shutting it down.

Here are the tabs I currently have open. Hopefully, some will eventually grow into posts of there own. If not, maybe you'll find something of interest in the list.

Dana Goldstein has an article at the Smithsonian on the influence of American industry on education. 

ThisTV is showing The Sweet Smell of Success and I can't help thinking that it's time for a sequel.

I've been thinking about the problem of pivoting something as complex and amorphous as a political party, or maybe thinking about the problem of how to think about the problem, either way this and this (both from TPM) highlight the difficulty.

It is generally both foolish and dangerous for a reformer to say nothing could be worse than what we have now (worse is almost always a possibility), but when the speaker is a college president in the state with arguably the best university system in the country with probably the best university system in the world, it indicates just how detached from reality the debate has become. (via More or less bunk.)

On a related note, I've been meaning to discuss the Hawthorne effect in educational research but now I have no idea what to call it.

I've never been a big Fitzgerald fan (more of a Count No 'Count man, myself), but if I were, this would worry the hell out of me (in 3D):

Maybe I can sucker Joseph into writing a few posts on the wrong kind of government assistance for business.

This Felix Salmon piece on Ripple nicely compliments all of the Bitcoin coverage.

On a related note, though it's not really an insult to say a rich person has more money than sense, some rich people apparently have less sense than you have money.

Finally, it seems that a stock based on a gourmet snack fad may not hold its value.


  1. You can save tabs, maybe using an extension for whichever browser you're using?