Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sawdust in the transmission

I was thinking about companies designed to look good long enough for the investors to get safely past the IPO and the sawdust analogy hit me.

Which gave me an excuse to dredge up another favorite bit of Southern pop culture...

[if you have trouble viewing this on your browser -- and thanks to Blogger you probably will -- you might want to view or download it at Internet Archive]

Trivia bonus points: Griffith has said this was his favorite episode.

p.s. This is a public domain copy that doesn't include rights to the theme. You might want to mute the first thirty seconds or so.


  1. I was pretty pleased with myself to spot that Mrs Lash (Ellen Corby) was Grandma from "The Waltons" (which probably shows my age.)

  2. Though the Waltons are all but forgotten, you can still catch reruns of other old shows making "Goodnight, John Boy" jokes. I wonder how much of today's audience get the reference.