Friday, November 24, 2023

Random Elon post-Thanksgiving thoughts

This is Joseph. 

If you are bored on on this quiet Friday between Thanksgiving and the weekend, then this is a simplistic but fun discussion of Elon Musk. It catches up with the narrative that Mark has been saying for years about how the genius label might be just a touch of hyperbole. 

Now, perhaps his genius is administrative? He doesn't design the rockets or cars, but he uses his deep understanding of management culture to enable technologically sophisticated people succeed? In further evidence, the company formerly known as Twitter is suing Media Matters for a report on how extremist content can be served next to corporate advertising if you do the right searches. So he sued the organization. Blue Sky has some great threads on this. 

Based on the legal summary, it appears that X sued Media Matters in an extremely right wing part of Texas. This is despite X's terms of service that makes California the venue. This choice of venue is entirely because people in Texas might have seen the reporting, a argument for venue that could justify any venue whatsoever. X admits that the reporting was accurate as to the content being present on their platform but felt the reporters were unfair in not giving additional context that would have made X look a tiny bit less bad. Further, the use of politically connected lawyers was coincident with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton deciding to investigate Media Matters (an out of state firm) for potential fraud, which is not great given that they are defendants in this case and this further muddies the waters. Other reporting on the contents of the complaint suggest that the media story that led to the lawsuit was accurate in the details, if not generous in reporting context. The reports on why it is a bad case just keep coming (this article had eight reasons from Mike Masnick). 

Elon's response suggests that this will be a long battle:

So, if you are bored today this is a fun rabbit hole to check out. 

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