Monday, May 17, 2021

"It's OK to say I'm vaccinated because..." [Why people might not honor the honor system.]

The public discourse is broken part 8,394.

We've had a lot of discussion about whether or not the fully vaccinated can meet without masks and social distancing even though the research is fairly clear on this point. We also talked a great deal about the challenges of requiring verification to enter certain establishments or events even though these problems are likely to be relatively minor (more on that later). 

Instead of the simple and generally effective approach of checking vaccination cards, we're looking at an honor system and we haven't spent nearly enough time going over the reasons that this might be a worse option, such as the way that removing verification and enforceable penalties opens the door for rationalizations.

A very incomplete list:

"I feel fine."

"I already had a mild case. I can't catch it again."

"I'll socially distance."

"I've been careful not to expose myself."

"I'm just stepping in for a little while."

"Everyone else in there is vaccinated."

"It's just this one time."

"The pandemic is almost over."

"If I haven't caught it by now..."

"Everyone else is doing it."

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