Friday, April 3, 2020

You know all those films you've been pretending to have seen?

This might be a good time to check a few off of you list. If you have a library card (and everybody should have a library card), there's a good chance you have access to the online services Hoopla and/or Kanopy. All free.

The first is a pretty good online library. The second is just a streaming service, but for cinephiles it beats Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. While you're sheltering in place, why don't you cross off a few of the films you've been meaning to get around to since college.

The greatest comedy, period.

I first saw this last one when I was ten or eleven. I was channel surfing and I came across an old movie on the educational TV channel. Had no idea what I was watching, but there was something about the story and particularly the lead actor that sucked me in. It wasn't till years later that I realized what I had seen.

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