Friday, May 31, 2019

Days of Futures Past -- Apple edition

From Matt Novak's essential Paleo-Future
Apple Computer was an innovative and nimble company in 1987, so it makes sense that people at the tech giant would imagine a world dominated by Apple ten years into the future. And that’s precisely what it did when it released this goofy video from the perspective of the year 1997.

The 1987 video, which can be viewed on YouTube, is clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it shows viewers an amazing world of technological innovation with a handful of things that we actually got.

The video shows Apple payphone stations that communicate with satellites in space (at least they got the satellite part right), and something called the Vista Mac II, eyewear that doubles as a computer (something that we’re still waiting on, sadly). And there’s so much more.

The article has some interesting context on what the 90s were really like for Apple, but there aren't a lot of details about the production. It has the feel of something internal for a company event. These always manage to be a little bit better produced than you expect and yet a little more corny than you're ready for.

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