Thursday, July 9, 2015

Perhaps "secrets" isn't exactly the right word

At least according to Wikipedia, it seems to involve hiring people to write books, That doesn't seem like it would take up an entire MOOC.

Maybe he can fill in the rest of the time telling about how he created New York's first "great detective hero."


  1. Mark:

    To be fair, sure, "hiring writers" may be Patterson's secret to writing a bestseller _now_, but that can't be his secret to writing his _first_ bestsellers.

    1. I'll admit I thought of that too, but I looked at his bibliography and confirmed that most of his success relied on co-writers. Perhaps more importantly, unlike Serena Williams promising to improve your tennis game (another course from, Patterson is charging $90 a head for "secrets to writing a bestseller." That alone merits some snark.