Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekend blogging -- due to cuts in arts programs, school orchestras have been forced to adopt extreme cost-cutting measures

When you get past the novelty, the musicianship is even more impressive.

The novelty is, of course, what initially drives the clicks but it ages quickly when played badly. (From Spike Jones to the Austin Lounge Lizards, successful comic music acts tend to require solid musicians.)

I'd go further in this case. For me, they move entirely past the joke. Their AC/DC covers are so driving and percussive you soon stop wondering why these cellos are playing heavy metal and start wondering why don't all heavy metal acts use cellos.

A musician friend, who had only seen "Every Teardrop," asked if they always played just one cello. I told him no, someone would lose a finger.

These guys aren't the first classical musicians to display a talent for popular music. Yo-Yo Ma comes to mind and, believe it or not, Liberace started out as both a very promising concert pianist and a first rate Boogie-woogie piano player, but I can't recall any performers who moved so smoothly back and forth.

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