Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fewer time zones

I am a west coaster who works with a lot of east coasters.  So this is absolutely correct:
You can see all of these brain regions firing up as he gets excited and calls for a Panel Of Important Experts to figure this out.  It’s especially cute that he  thinks that people on the East Coast would keep schedules that differ from the West Coast by only 1 hour.  Um, no.  Their schedules would be about 3 hours off from ours no matter what the clocks might read. But Kleiman and a few other technocratic folks are so enamored of this.  I feel like we’re getting real-time text output from an fMRI study on them.  I kind of want to bring Kleiman and an fMRI to a pedagogy workshop, just to see if the results correlate with his response to merging time zones.
It's a remarkably bad idea.  The annual time change has some bad properties.  The idea that people in the US really don't care if daylight is associated with work and school is a bit less likely . . .

That this would end up with anything but different standard work hours seems relatively unlikely.

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  1. "[R]emarkably bad" understates the case. The suggestion that everyone on the West Coast start getting up before dawn and frequently going to bed before dusk is absurd, and if schedules don't sync up there are no non-trivial benefits.