Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Orthogonality in political debates

I think that I feel the most like an expat at times like this, when the American political elite are talking about the size of government.  I have always thought that the size of government was secondary to the quality of government.  The comparison between states like Sweden and Singapore suggests to me that well run governments can be an important part of a society, almost irrespective of size.  Obviously there are limiting factors at the extremes, but the general principle isn't far out of line. 

Now this isn't a "pox on both your houses" moment.  It's a question about whether we are having the correct conversation at all.  Now there has been some reporting on things like the computer websites for the Affordable Care Act and whether they are working well.  This is a much more interesting debate, as it gets to the heart of how government can be made to work better. 

Why isn't good government the priority? 

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