Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shamisen heroes and free TV

I had been working on another piece about over the air television when I happened to surf across this video on one of the many Asian-themed channels you can get with an antenna in LA and it struck me as an appropriate accompaniment for a quick note about over the air TV.

With a pair of rabbit ears I pick up programming in at least a half dozen languages. That's an indication of the diversity of the medium and its importance to some underserved segments of the population, but it also represents a real competitive weakness. Terrestrial television suffers from a crippling lack of attention. Both Journalists who cover both media and personal finance are almost completely oblivious to this innovative, totally free source of programming.

If you're a medium trying to get the attention of the mainstream media, having a large part of your viewership consist of recent immigrants is not going  to help.

I'll leave you with something a bit more traditional from the Yoshida brothers, though still, well... Hell, just watch it.

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