Saturday, November 10, 2012

More for blogger's to-do list

Really swamped this week, which invariably means that all sorts of interesting topics have been popping up. Here's a partial list. I'll try to get to as many as I can, but if any fellow bloggers want to beat me to the punch please go for it.

1. The ethics (and advisability) of psychoanalyzing your opponents
(when is it acceptable, wise and not overly sleazy to try to explain your opponents' actions using psychology and sociology and how do you avoid using those explanations to dismiss valid arguments on the other side)

Link to Pauline Kael's "Raising Kane" (no, really)

2. Implications of a submerging Republican majority
A. Scarcity and cognitive dissonance -- link to Cialdini
B. The looting phase (or Karl Rove is not your friend) -- link to Red State, Rick Perlstein, David Frum
C. Waiting for the Big Dog  -- link to Ed Kilgore (at some length)
D. Nate Silver and the Sandy Hypothesis  -- link to Talking Points and 538

3. The killer app for the driverless car -- it's not what you think

4. Daniel Engber doesn't seem to get the subtleties of statistics debates -- link to this and this

5. Nudge cars (I'll explain later)

6. Homemade Pi -- a classroom exercise for geometry, spreadsheets and Monte Carlo techniques

7. More Groupon -- link to Felix Salmon

8. Trivial thoughts -- athletic actors

9. The annual Toys-for-Tots post

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