Sunday, November 27, 2011


Karl Smith is striking me as an optimist:

In any case, during the GOP Google debate there was a poll that asked GOP voters if someone should be denied medical treatment because they could not afford it. 80% said no. This is the end of the major question in my mind. If you answer no then you have de facto signed on to socialized medicine through some means.

After all, he is demanding consistency here. I am not sure that humans are especially good at consistency. People often get quite annoyed at me when I drive the speed limit. I have the attitude that if we all want to drive faster on the road I am game, but I am unwilling to get a speeding ticket because local government cannot reach consensus on an appropriate speed limit.

In the same vein, I suspect that there can be a lot of daylight between the principle here and the application. That being said, I'd be delighted if we did adopt a more socialized medical system, purely for reasons of economic efficiency.

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