Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catching up

As mentioned before, I've gotten in the habit of using the quit-and-save option when I run across something that I'd like to blog about later. Surprisingly, this procrastination-based method can lead to some problems so I occasionally just have to clean out the cache.

Here are some of those potential posts:

You know those stories where a foreign company moves manufacturing overseas but gets in trouble because it arrogantly refuses to adapt to the host country's management practices? This is not one of those stories.

I am very close to a big post on this topic.

Strictly in terms of sound business practices, I question the wisdom of the reliance on big-budget remakes.

Frances Woolley raises a lot of questions here.

Thank goodness Joel Klein is on the case.

This Felix Salmon piece on philanthropy got me thinking about proxy metrics and how they can go wrong. Maybe I should explain that one further in a future post.

Being a country boy by birth and blood, I am routinely offended by the coverage of rural and agricultural matters. This smart piece by Monica Potts is a deeply appreciated exception to the rule.

Spade = Spade time. Some people, particularly those of a Straussian bent, find independent, in-depth journalism inconvenient. Those people want to kill NPR.

California has arguably the world's best university system and we're on the verge of dismantling it. Aaron Brady has some interesting things to say on the subject.

And on the subject of things that are great about California but may not stay that way, despite years of mismanagement by the Tribune Company, the LA Times remains one of the country's best papers, still holding up well against that over-rated paper on the other coast. Felix Salmon apparently agrees.

While on the LA Times website, make sure to check out Michael Hiltzik.

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