Monday, January 24, 2011

What's French for spam?

A few days ago, Seyward Darby posted a good piece of analysis on publishing teacher scores. Having been critical of Darby's previous writing on the subject, I entitled my response "Credit where credit is due." This morning I found the following comment complete with hyperlink:
Creadit - Vous cherchez crédit, credit d'impot, banque et bancaire [redacted] est une entreprise de courtage offrant les meilleures solutions pour pret relais et Credit en ligne au meilleur prix.
Or (according to Google Translate):
Cread - Looking for credit, tax credit, bank and banking [redacted] is a brokerage firm offering the best solutions for bridging loan and Credit online at the best price.
This should have been an easy catch for the spam filter. Was this just a random slip-up or does language make a difference?

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